Cashmere Knitwear UK

Three reasons to shop with Linea Azzurro when looking for cashmere knitwear in the UK

Soft, luxurious and long-lasting, cashmere is a wonderful material that can be made into a range of garments. Whether you’re shopping around for a new cashmere jumper, cashmere accessory or simply want to browse, you can choose from a wide range of cashmere clothing from Linea Azzurro.

Many people choose to shop with us when looking for cashmere clothing, and below are just three reasons why:

100% cashmere- Nothing extra added, all our garments are made with 100% cashmere and come directly from cashmere goats in Mongolia. The goats are free to roam the vast land during the day, and each herder has around 200 goats that produce the softest cashmere.

Made in Italy- Manufactured in an artisan factory in Italy, we know the supply chain from start to finish and can trace the yarn from the supplier in Mongolia directly to the Italian factory where the garments are produced.

Passion for what we do- We are a proud designer brand based in London and want everyone to reap the benefits that come with cashmere. All our products are available to buy online to customers in the UK and Europe.

To shop our Spring/Summer collection, take a look around our website today.