Our sweaters and accessories are produced using sustainable 2 ply 100% Cashmere.
When buying something as luxurious as Cashmere, it is always important to know it’s origin and how it has been produced.
Manufactured by an artisan factory in Italy, we are proud of the supply chain we use, where we have traceability from goat to garment. We have worked with a reputable yarn supplier from whom we have been sourcing cashmere for over 20 years.


Our yarn comes from Cashmere goats and is sourced from Mongolia, where the cold climate and lifestyle of the animals produce the longest and softest Cashmere. Each herder has between 100 and 200 goats & at night they are brought into farm enclosures where they are kept safe but during the day they roam freely to graze.


The traditional knowledge of the Mongolian herders yields some of the finest Cashmere in the world.
As the fashion industry changes over time, cashmere has always remained highly desirable.
 We are committed to providing sustainable, traceable fibre.