Cashmere Made In Italy

Indulge yourself into our wonderful cashmere made in Italy

Cashmere is soft, warm, and luxurious and can be made into a range of different garments. Whether you’re shopping around for a new cashmere jumper, cashmere scarf or simply want to buy cashmere clothing that is sustainably sourced, you’ve come to the right place.

On our website you can shop a range of cashmere clothing that is made from the highest quality cashmere directly from cashmere goats in Mongolia. From there, an artisan factory in Italy produces our garments, allowing us to track them from goat to garment so you know exactly what you’re buying.

Shopping online with us is simple and easy, and we’ll happily give you free delivery and returns on all UK orders. We also offer gift cards that range from £10 to £500 if you’re looking to treat someone special in your life.

We’re currently adding new stock as we speak

At Linea Azzurro we’re always working hard to produce new cashmere clothing, and we will soon be adding new garments such as men’s cotton cashmere knitwear, women’s cotton cashmere rib crew necks and Merino wool products for you to choose from.