Long-lasting, breathable fabrics for spring

Pink Pima Cotton Boat neck top

When we think about sustainable long-lasting fabric, cashmere is up there as a classic to have in your wardrobe. But as the weather warms up what do we replace it with?

Another sustainable fabric is cotton and, even better than that is Pima Cotton; it looks great, and is soft and breathable, as well as being a fabric that wears well. Pima Cotton is the perfect fabric for spring.

Pima Cotton is a high end cotton with a longer fibre than traditional cotton, up to 50 per cent longer in fact. It has a reputation for producing a smooth and soft fabric that is also wrinkle-resistant, and very durable.

As well as the fibre being 50 per cent longer, the fabric also has a 50 per cent longer life expectancy than other cotton types, great news for those on the sustainable wardrobe mission.

This is why we have just launched a Pima Cotton range on the Linea Azzurro website.

We now offer three new styles in seven gorgeous spring/summer shades. You may recognise some of them from last months blog post, on our behind the scenes shoot.

We have three long sleeve Pima Cotton jumpers, in Mandarin, Strawberry and Lime.

Bright Pink Long SleeveLeaf Green Long SleeveMandarin Long Sleeve

Then we have two short sleeve V-necks in Laguna blue and Lilac, and three short sleeve boat necks in Black, Laguna Blue and Blush Pink.

Black Laguna Boat NeckBlue Laguna Boat NeckBlush Pink Laguna Boat Pick

During May we also have an exclusive giveaway over on our Instagram and Facebook pages where we are giving away two of our new short sleeve styles; one boat neck in either Blush Pink, Black or Laguna Blue; and one short sleeve V-neck in either Laguna blue or Lilac, to one lucky winner. Follow the instructions on our instagram page to enter.

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