Support for the digital creators that love cashmere!

Support for the digital creators that love cashmere!

In our behind the scenes blog a couple of months ago we mentioned the fantastic models, make-up artist and photographer we work with to shoot our 100% cashmere, cashmere-merino, cotton-cashmere and Pima cotton garments. Now we want to tell you about the brilliant influencers we work with too, because these digital creators are helping us to spread the word about our small UK business.

Here are five that we think you will love:

Pia Grace

First up we want to tell you about Pia Grace whose style and elegance were a perfect fit for our brand. We love her styling tips and suggestions and she proudly advocates “mid-life confidence” as her moto. Based in Sussex, Pia is a brand ambassador for both Boden and Wyse London and was recently featured in the Telegraph.

Pia Pia

Holly May Murphey

Holly is a Derbyshire based blogger, running stress free socials to help small businesses with content creation, graphics and posts for their social accounts, she also posts the best outfits all over the countryside and looks fabulous in cashmere.

Holly May Murphey Holly May Murphey

Daniel Harley

Not only for the woman, we also have a great men’s range of jumpers and accessories, which is why Mr Daniel Harley, with his Instagram account targeted towards “gentlemen’s inspiration” was a definite fit for us. A favourite of his was our red 100% cashmere crew neck.

Daniel Harley Daniel Harley

Gurj Sohanpal

Based in London, Gurj Sohanpal promotes many great menswear brands effortlessly around London, including Russell and Bromley, which we think pairs perfectly with cashmere.

Guji Sohanpal Guji Sohanpal

Miss Holly Louise

One of our newest influencers is Miss Holly Louise, who you may also recognise from the posts of Daniel Harley. Holly recently wore our cotton-cashmere rib in sky blue, which looked wonderful in the early summer sun.

Missholly.louise Missholly.louise

Still looking for some inspiration? Check out our summer sale, still on, over on our website.

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